5 Ingredient Notella

5 Ingredient Notella

Introducing the greatest Nutella alternative ever… clean 5 Ingredient Notella! Don’t be fooled by its name, this really is the closest to real Nutella you can get and it is much better for you, too. I adapted the recipe from the Minimalist Baker for a super smooth and creamy notella you can spread on anything AND everything.

Nutella has always been an obsession of mine. In fact, I used to eat three heaped tablespoons a night. Luckily I kicked that habit, but trying to stop myself from eating the whole jar of this clean notella is just as hard.

The first step is making the hazelnut butter. If you don’t have time to make this you can buy a jar instead. You’ll need to roast the hazelnuts for 10 minutes and then place them in a tea towel and shake them around until the skins begin to fall off. Peel off the remaining skins and then they’re prepped and ready to go to make your hazelnut butter.

I hope you love this recipe as much as me! I am completely obsessed and won’t ever live without a jar of this in my house again.


150g roasted hazelnuts, skins off
100g 70% dark chocolate, melted
Pinch of salt
Dash of vanilla
1tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp melted coconut oil


  1. Blend your roasted hazelnuts until a creamy hazelnut butter is formed. This will take around 5 – 10 minutes.
  2. Add your melted chocolate, vanilla, salt and maple syrup and blend.
  3. Pour in your melted coconut oil and blend quickly.
  4. Transfer to a jar and enjoy! This lasts around 2-3 weeks in an air-locked jar.

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